Challenge Yourself More Often By Creating Artwork Every Day

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Quick summary ↬ Whether you’re into good ol’ drawing and painting, or quick editing in Photoshop or Illustrator, one thing’s for sure: they’re all creativity’s best friends. Some draw pictures all day, while others find their inspiration in uncommon sources in order to break out of the box. Whatever it is that you decide to do, it’s good to challenge yourself more often and get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t, you may never discover something that you love doing, or perhaps even worse, never learn a whole lot about yourself.

If your excuse are pesky blackouts or simply having no clue what to create nor where to get started, don’t fret! Even the most talented artists out there practice so much more than you’d ever imagine, and hone their skills by trying out copywork. The most important thing is to be confident and simply give it a try. For more encouragement, I’ve collected a good number of inspirational artwork that is bound to give you that spark you need to get started already!

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ING Creatives 2017

It’s quite obvious where they got the inspiration from. Very well executed.

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Image credit: Chiara Vercesi

Shop — Belgium

Hard not to love this. Just look at the shadow and light effect on the Atomium, and the subtle texture pattern in the spheres. So well done.

Image credit: Sam Chivers

Kinkaider Brewing Co. — Moscow Mule

Interesting choice of colors. It gets the adventure spirit going. Those line textures are also very well applied.

Image credit: Matt Carlson

Golden Light At Paris

Beautiful timing to get that amazing golden hour work for you. Combine that with Paris and you get this result.

Image credit: Nathalie Geffroy

Balanced Life ?

Love the hairline, handlebar and wheels. Super cool!

Image credit: Frederique Matti

Hacking — Crayonfire

An editorial illustration for DB Magazine in the US on the subject of the dangers of hackers within the hospital system. Beautiful style, colors and patterns.

Image credit: Neil Stevens

Poste Italiane

Nice perspective, and beautiful style. I love the radio.

Image credit: Andrea De Santis

La Maison À Travers Les Âges

The surreal world of Sébastien Plassard.

Image credit: Sébastien Plassard. (Large preview)

California Sunsets ?

Such a beautiful shot with a perfect fly-by by those birds. Amazing colors.

Image credit: earth

Nature Prints

A selection of recent prints created with a wildlife theme. Go see the others, too.

Image credit: Neil Stevens

Belgian Headwinds

Beautiful! However, when your legs don’t want to cooperate it can be something else.

Image credit: Matt Blease

Second Thought Poster

One of winners of Communication Arts 2017. I love the duplicity in here. Very clever!

Image credit: Magoz


Wonderful usage of vivid colors used in this fragrance brand illustration.

Image credit: Mads Berg

Illustration For GQ Magazine, Thailand

The muted colors work very well together. I’m also inspired by the simplicity of the shadows.

Image credit: Tanawat Sakdawisarak

ING Creatives Festival

The reflection in the helmet, and reflection of the light on the suit are nicely executed.

Image credit: Lena Vargas Afanasieva

ING Creatives Festival II

Much to love in here such as the custom typography, the special dog and the color palette.

Image credit: Lena Vargas Afanasieva


Simply gorgeous!

Image credit: Jered Gruber

Design In Alert

Still from an illustrated animation. The finished video of Festival Bienal is quite nice.

Image credit: Felipe Vargas

100 Years Of La Rinascente

Love the elegance in this design style.

Image credit: Simone Massoni. (.

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