slots empire bonus codes Conf 2018: Fetch Those Early-Bird Tickets!

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Quick summary ↬ Great conferences are all about learning new skills and making new connections. That’s why we’ve set up a couple of new adventures for slots empire bonus codes Conf 2018 — just practical sessions, new formats, new lightning talks, evening sessions and genuine, interesting conversations — with a dash of friendly networking! Taking place in London, San Francisco, Toronto. Tickets? Glad you asked!

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      All taxes included. Only 100 early-bird tickets.

Save CAD$128!

Conference & WorkshopAll taxes included. Only 100 early-bird tickets.


To give everybody a chance to buy ticket in time, we are releasing all tickets in batches this time. The first batch of super early-birds are available right away: fetch them before they fly out!

Ah, and just in case you’re wondering: we’re planning on running a conference in our hometown Freiburg, Germany on September 10–11, and we will be coming back to New York, USA on October 23–24 — with a slightly different format, too. We can’t wait to see you there! ;-)

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