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Imagine a shiny newsletter pop-up. A pop-up makes its splendid appearance on an eCommerce site just as you are about to make your way to a product page. You didn’t even have a chance to explore a single product yet; nor did you have a chance to learn about prices and materials and delivery options. But here you are, distracted and annoyed, almost instinctively dismissing that pop-up before even fully realizing what it says.

Newsletter pop-up
A beautiful pop-up that might not work very well. ( to surface our messages in a humble, respectful way.

Just a . (Large preview)

There are a couple of options that we can explore:

  • Integrated messaging.
    The more integrated our messages appear with the rest of the page, and the more connected they are with a task at hand, the better they will be performing. Think of empty states, 404 errors, product pages and blog posts.
  • Success moments.
    Identify moments when a user completes a task or reaches a particular milestone, and integrate your messaging there. E.g. when an invoice is paid, when a request is approved, when a transaction is completed.
  • Nonmodal dialogs.
    To ease distraction, consider using collapsible .

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