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Author Steven Hoober

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Steven Hoober shifted focus from graphic design to mobile UX in 1999. Since then, he designed the first Google mobile search, the first mobile app store, several mobile browsers, and numerous websites and apps for global brands. See more of Steven’s research at

Touch Design for Mobile Interfaces

How do we design for touch in 2022? Mobile and touch are the new default for computing, but there are still many myths, rumors, errors and out-of-date practices on how to design for them. Let’s change that!

In our brand-new book Touch Design for Mobile Interfaces, Steven Hoober shares his in-depth research and guidelines on designing for touch. You’ll learn how people hold devices and interact with interfaces, along with strategies and best practices for designing better mobile interfaces. A jam-packed book for designers and developers working on interfaces for mobile. Jump to table of contents.

400 pages. High quality hardcover + eBook (PDF, ePUB, Kindle). Written by Steven Hoober. Shipping now.

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