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Getting The Sketch Workflow Right: Meet “The Sketch Handbook”

Sketch lets you design interfaces, websites and icons with ease. To help you get the most out of this mighty tool, The Sketch Handbook will show you every aspect of it. Not in theory, but backed up by practical examples that you can follow along, step-by-step.

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Do you use Sketch, too? If you’re designing for the web today, you probably are. Well, we do, too, so we created The Sketch Handbook, our brand new slots empire bonus codes book that will help you master all the tricky, advanced facets of Sketch. Filled with practical examples and tutorials in 12 chapters, the book will help you become more proficient and fast — with Sketch.

About The Book

Can you believe that there once was a time when a majority of web designers used Photoshop to design everything? While Adobe’s application is powerful, only a fraction of its features does actually make sense for interface design work. So why not take something simpler that’s more geared towards interface design? Something that can better respond to the ever-changing landscape of devices we need to design for today? Please note that this book is based on Sketch 41, but most of the actions described in the book are still up to date.

A photo of the new Sketch Handbook
The Sketch Handbook is now available, shipping worldwide

Printed Book

$34.90 is available in PDF, EPUB, and Amazon Kindle formats.

Who Is The Book For?

This book is for everybody who is designing for the web today. If you’ve used tools like Photoshop or Illustrator before and want to try out something that’s more geared towards interface design, take a close look at the book. Intermediate Sketch users will get valuable tips and tricks that they (probably!) didn’t know yet too, of course. Among other things, you will learn:

  1. How to style elements and text layers, change their properties and organize them properly,
  2. How to use artboards to evolve a design and iterate on ideas quickly,
  3. How to apply symbols and shared styles that allow you to reuse elements and keep them in sync,
  4. How to combine basic shapes into complex objects and optimize for maintenance,
  5. Advanced techniques such as dealing with masks, shadows, gradients and rotations,
  6. How to use an 8-pixel grid to bring more structure to designs and avoid random placement of elements,
  7. To work with grids and layouts and how to lay out the content in a structured, systematic way,
  8. How to efficiently design logos and icons in Sketch,
  9. How to export your assets and preview your designs on actual devices,
  10. How to use Sketch not only for digital design, but also for print projects,
  11. Tips and tricks for responsive design workflow with Sketch and adapting a mock-up from one breakpoint to another,
  12. How to define how elements react when they are resized with group resizing,
  13. The workarounds you can use when working together with developers on Windows.
Get the new Sketch Handbook by Christian Krammer

Printed Book


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